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Time Management Tips to Help You Hit Your Deadlines

While on our efforts to make life better, sometimes, we out together a to-do list but also putting one feels like a huge undertaking. The concept of postponing everything, like I found myself doing for towing service tasks, is known as procrastination. It involves a cycle of putting off tasks, feeling anxious and guilty and consequently working with lower productivity and efficiency as compared to other days.

One way to ensure you get everything done within the scheduled time is by appropriate time management. Here are some of management tips you can put in place to get things done.

Set short term goals

You need to set short term smart goals to benchmark your success. If you have long term goals that are months away, and the final product is the completion of a large project, all you need to do is to set short term achievable and benchmarks to keep track of your journey. Doing so will help you stay motivated and productive throughout the process.

Create a reverse to-do list

While working on a deadline that is a month away, one of the most efficient strategies you can use in project management is to create a reverse to-do list. You can create one by starting with the final long term deadline and working backwards by building milestones to complete during the process. It is very important to keep updating the deadlines and timeframes as your project evolves and challenge yourself to be on track.

Create accountability for yourself

You may be responsible for keeping track of your progress and working towards achieving your goal and holding yourself accountable for your timelines and the benchmarks you have established. Personal accountability is good because it will lead to increased feeling of workplace satisfaction, innovation and creativity. There are a couple of things you can do to promote accountability within yourself. You can share progress goals with others and set up a personal reward system to stay motivated.

Create a schedule

Create a schedule where you can be most productive. You need to plan your most important tasks around the peak hours of your energy and your least important tasks during those times you are on the low. There is no need to spend all your morning hours responding to emails and doing administrative work, whereas you could use that time to do the hardest tasks as your energy are at peak.

Commit to work-life balance

When the tasks before you require months of hard work, it might feel difficult and challenging to step out of your desk when there is so much left to complete. Even if you can’t turn in your final product right away, you should not always stay at work burning the midnight oil trying to get everything done early. You can work more efficiently by setting daily priorities that allow you to set away from your work and recharge when you’ve completed them. You also need to analyze and report on success as well as challenges you encountered along the way.

How Small Businesses Can Give Back Without Breaking the Bank

Social responsibility is not just an act reserved for big corporate institutions. Every business, largely owned or owned by few people such as Reston tow truck, can play a role in giving back to charitable causes. You may not be in a position to give cheques worth millions of dollars, what whatever amount you could afford to donate should be appreciated.

There are many reasons why giving back is good for business. Here are some of the benefits you need to know;

Building recognition

A business that gives back benefits through building recognition and gets a great reputation in the community it’s coming from. research has shown a high percentage of shoppers are most likely to switch allegiance and start doing business with a brand that supports good causes should they be given similar price and quality. Consumers are more likely to trust socially responsible businesses as compared to those businesses that don’t give back.


Make the community a better place

Giving back helps in making communities a better place for employees and consumers. Investing back in a community helps to empower people in that community and works towards uplifting the life and standards of living of the people found in that community. In addition, it helps a business make a good networking connection and attract the best talent from that community.

Here are ways businesses can be generous without breaking the bank.

Volunteer often

Businesses can make volunteer plans on the activities they want to carry out. Just like in any facet of a business, if you don’t make a solid plan, it’s hard to make anything happen. You need to sit down with your team and plan to put the activities you want to carry out and how you will carry them out.

Share your skills and talent

Businesses should consider volunteering a specific number of hours every month to causes they believe in. They may decide to donate an hour to deliver services free of charge in line with their competence. Share key skills and services with your communities free of charge for a limited time.

Work as a team

There is nothing that beats a team that works together to achieve a specific goal. Work out to come with teams that would commit their time and skills to deliver on a certain cause. If you are short on time and money, organize with your team to pull their skills and resources together to deliver on a certain task.

Boost your social presence

Up to now, you may know how important it is to post fresh content on social media platforms. Sometimes, it can be a lot of work to post fresh content all the time. One way to post great content is to show support for local causes which has happened through volunteering and making donations. You can post updates on what happened in events you volunteered, fundraising events as well as activities. Do not forget to post vibrant photos, videos, and other related content that show your team in action.